• Amazing -wow

    Amazing - wow, I just love your music! You are so talented, and listening you play any one can hear that you really put your heart and soul in it. That's what makes your music special. It's  really touching.
    Tina Toikka

  • I have to say Thanks

    Hello Laith!
    I have to say Thanks !!!!!!  for this wonderful cd !!!!!  I  couldn`t believe when I heard it  - every song is more than wonderful.  Please put me on your list for every news when you are performing here - I will come!!!
    reetings and still mutch kreative time here in Berlin!


  • Every mother thanks you

    Bless your Remembrance for the times your Mother gave to you, loved you unconditionally, praised you ~ I admire your work, your Gift, your respect & the Inspiration you Honor here.Every mother thanks you...

    Ellen Yulla

  • Your piano playing is just bea

    Laith, Your piano playing is just beautiful. I am glad I found you on facebook. I could listen to your music for ever. I love music and I sing at church. I always loved the piano but never had the chance to learn. You are amazing and I hope to hear more of your music on TV or DVD. What a gift from God above to be able to play so beautiful I could listen to you any time. Bravo - Bravo

    Laura Williams

  • Hallo Laith

    Hallo Laith!
    Das Musikstuck Ist Wunderbar!! Es Ist Wirklich toll!!
    Am besten hat mir Piano im ersten 40 Sekunden Gefallen - nur im Hintergrund Aber Sehr Romantisch...
    Die Mitte Habe Ich Ein Bisschen Traurig Gefunden, aber auch sehr schön.
    Der dritte Teil ist super, um in einem Paar Zu tanzen :))
    Du solltest Weiter die Musik machen, weil du echt gut bist!
    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg :)) und hoffe auf nächste Lieder :)))
    ganz liebe Grüße,

  • Dear Laith

    Dear Laith!
    Your feelings, aims and your soul of your life - all of them are in your melodies and harmonies. Thank you for sharing it - it's a gift for me to hear music of people who can explain love and passion not in words only but in music! I hope to see and play music on January how you told!
    Take care of your soul and your passion, and your fingers!
    Great work!
    Snowy greets from Berlin.

  • I am touched by your words.

    Dear Laith,
    Thank you for your kind message I am touched by your words.
    I watched your videos and the music is beautiful keep doing what you are doing.
    What do you want to do with your music how do you see yourself in the next coming years?
    I am so glad that I was an inspiration to you as you have become an inspiration to me.
    My best wishes from California.

    Your friend,
    Giovanni Marradi
    Composer, Arranger and Performer