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 Laith  was  born  in  Baghdad  taking  his  early  lessons  of  Piano  since  he  was  ten  years  old  playing  for Chopin  which  was  his  way  of  inspiration  from  the  very  beginning  playing  his  famous  piece  Revolutionary at  the  age  of  twelve,  then  he  sensed  the  passion  towards  the  guitar  when  he  was  fourteen  years  old taking  courses  of  Flamenco  music  inspired  by  the  famous  guitarist  Paco  De  Lucia.
 He composed  his  first  album  ( Laith  Romance)  since  he  was  17  years  old  and  it  was  recorded  in  20I0. Laith  was  influenced  Lately  by  the  Modern  style  of  Giovanni  Marradi,  he  admires  his  spirit  of  composing and  the  way  he  expresses  his  feelings  towards  people  that  he  loves,  especially  his  music  for  his  mom and  towards  his  home  country  Baghdad,  the  style  of  Giovanni  has  affected  him  so  much  that  it  made him  compose  his  Piano  AIbum  ( Reflections  of  Love )  showing  his  Love  towards  his  Father  and  his Emotions  towards  Iraq.
 Laith  shows  his  Feelings  accompanied  by  the  sound  of  Rain,  River  and  the  beauty  of  nature  giving  the audience  the  ability  to  relax  and  enjoy  those  views  as  he  was  there  his  Travel  to  Germany  has  left  too much  sensation  on  his  romantic  music
 Laith  says  ( Music  is  a  message  of  feelings  that  you  send  to  people  that  you  love  and  express  your love  towards  them  in  a  very  deep  way )
 Laith  started  his  career  as  a  dream  since  he  was  a  child  and  his  ambition  pushed  him  to  share  his music  with  the  world,  ( work  for  your  dreams  even  a  dream  can  come  true ).
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A Message To My Mother

By Laith


Dear Laith,
Thank you for your kind message I am touched by your words.
I watched your videos and the music is beautiful keep doing what you are doing.
What do you want to do with your music how do you see yourself in the next coming years?
I am so glad that I was an inspiration to you as you have become an inspiration to me.
My best wishes from California.

Your friend,
Giovanni Marradi
Composer, Arranger and Performer

Dear Laith!
Your feelings, aims and your soul of your life - all of them are in your melodies and harmonies. Thank you for sharing it - it's a gift for me to hear music of people who can explain love and passion not in words only but in music! I hope to see and play music on January how you told!
Take care of your soul and your passion, and your fingers!
Great work!
Snowy greets from Berlin.

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